Family Support during tough transitions

YMCA Gisborne Supervised Contact Services team offer support and supervision to young people aged from birth to 17 years of age who have been placed with a day to day carer to have supervised contact.

This provides the young person with quality time and opportunities for building and maintaining relationships with family/whanau members they have been separated from.

Our service is approved by ANZASCS (Accredited member of Aotearoa NZ Association of Supervised Contact Services) to deliver neutral and independent sites in Te Tairawhiti for Supervised Contact.


What we offer

The goal of Supervised Contact Service is to establish consistent quality contact between children and young people with significant adults in their lives in a safe, secure and welcoming environment with trained supervisors.

Consistant contact demonstrates that the adult can:

  • Have contact with thier child/ren when there is a breakdown in communication between parents
  • Enjoy a better relationship with their child/ren
  • Self refer for contact

The child/ren can

  • Love mum and Dad at the same time
  • Express themselves
  • Enjoy better relationships and are less likely to have mental health issues later in life
  • Grow up to become better parents themselves

The Child’s welfare and best interests are paramount


YMCA GISBORNE 224 Wainui Road, Gisborne.


Contact Fontaine Maxwell on 867 9259 or email for further information and time scheduling.


Contact Fontaine on 867 9259 or email for further information and time scheduling.




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