Volunteering is fulfilling

The more we give, the happier we feel.

Volunteering increases self-confidence and fulfills our need to help others.

You are doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment.

Your role as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity.

Volunteering can lead to consistent employment opportunities and open pathways to future study

Download a Volunteer Pack here and let your journey begin with the YMCA

Why Volunteer with the YMCA

Most of us want to help others in some way, shape or form. We do not volunteer, for the most part, because it benefits us. We volunteer because it makes a difference to others.

But, there are even more benefits to volunteering. We notice a subtle shift in ourselves when we volunteer. We feel more connected to others, and we become less absorbed in the normal stresses of daily life. We share our experiences with others and want to help more.

Sure, we know that volunteering makes us feel good. Yet, did you know that, when you volunteer, you are improving your life and maybe even your health?

The benefits of volunteering are countless. But there are social, emotional, physical, and professional perks.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

OSCAR: Van drivers weekdays and holiday period. 2:00-3:30pm week days/ on call holidays. FULL, clean license a must.

OSCAR: Mentors and leaders to run afterschool games, sports, arts and crafts and engaging, fun activities.

OSCAR: Bus Driver for 18 seater bus during school holiday period. Casual basis FULL, clean passenger licence essential.

OSCAR: Passionate people who want to share their skill set with our OSCAR Programmes. (Knitting/sewing/woodwork/cooking)

MARKETING: Energetic people to do pamphlet drops across our community.

MARKETING: Passionate and engaging people to run promotional events throughout the year.

MARKETING: Videographer and Photographer wanting to practice their techniques to make amazing media and presentations.

YOUTH/RAISE UP: Fun, vibrant young people,  looking to mentor and build confidence and leadership skills across our youth programmes.

ECE/CHILDCARE : Kitchen staff looking to assist with every day meal prep and service.

ECE/CHILDCARE : Administration and account support person to man front of house and enquiries.

For all Volunteering opportunities please click here for application pack.