“Wow, where do I start………..the Body for Life Challenge has changed my life!

After having my second child I needed something to re-motivate me.  I would wake up in the mornings still feeling tired, often moody and no energy to keep up with my busy life.  Some days I felt like I couldn’t be bothered doing anything but when your a mum, your children don’t allow you to have days like that.  I also work 4-5 days a week in an office and study part time.

I was so unhappy about the way I looked, especially after having my children and I hated the way I felt about myself to the point I was getting depressed.  The more crap I ate, the worse I would feel.  I was stuck in a trap of self destruction, if I didn’t do something about it now I would have spiralled out of control.  Luckily for me I discovered the Body for Life Challenge and I learnt to take control. 

I was the only person who could change the direction my life was heading in and with the help of Body for Life, the staff at the YMCA and the support of my family, I was able to achieve my goals.  The changes in me are unbelieveable! I’m so confident now, I’m happier and that reflects on my family – I’ve become the role model I wanted for my children.  I’m also a lot more efficient at work too.

I now eat 5-6 healthy meals a day and I would out at the YMCA 6 days a week.  I love my new body and I feel amazing!  I’ve gone from being soft and saggy to lean and toned. 

In total I lost 5 kg, 12% body fat, 6cm from my waist, 7 cm from my hips, 5 cm from my bum and 4cm from my upper thight – a total of 22 cm!!

Without outstanding results that even blew me away, I now believe I can achieve anything which is why I’ve set myself new challenging goals – to do body sculpting.  I’m aiming to compete in body sculpting competitions within two years. 

The YMCA Body for Life Challenge has been the building blocks of a life-time of health and fitness for me and I thank you for that.  Its truly been a life changing and inspiring journey – A journey I have shared with others and with my success I’ve introduced Body for Life challenges to many friends and family.

Once again I thank you from my heart.

Shirley Rangi

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